Maria Fiordalisi

Relax, Align, Balance

More than once in my life I have been deeply disconnected with myself. I let social conditioning and many cases of “shoulditis” lead me on a path of thinking that what I was searching for was outside of me. And many times, I thought I was inadequate. The belief that our parents know best, that school is everything and the pressure that we must conform to what society deems as normal. That there is one definition of success and happiness. I’m not dissing anyone or anything here, just hear me out.

There were many times I made decisions knowing full well it was against my gut. I let my brain and people persuade me against my inner knowing. All it got me every time was heart break, anger and discomfort. I would get so anxious and stressed which always manifested into physical dis-ease. I was diagnosed with IBS at 17 but I’ve had digestive issues, anxiety and nervous tension since I was a young child. My childhood and high school years were very stressful. I had no coping mechanism and most times no support – I smoked cigarettes excessively and abused alcohol for many years.

My journey with reflexology, reiki and aromatherapy is very profound. Reflexology allows me to feel, to tap into the mind/body connection, be grounded and teaches me how to listen. My inner knowing and wisdom didn’t take long to shine again with Reiki. Aromatherapy is a gift to my emotional states.

The benefits I have reaped are many: I stopped smoking and drinking in my mid 30s (which seems like a lifetime ago). I meditate regularly instead of periodically. I’ve learned to take time to listen to my body. I’ve learned that self-care is not frivolous. I’ve learned that we do not heal in a stressed state. I’ve learned how to relax. I spend time with myself deep in thought and mantra. I am able to align my mind/body to make better decisions. I am able to recognize when I am out of balance and I have the tools to get me back there. I trust myself. I love myself. I know that everything I am searching for is right inside of me.

My recent a-ha moment. As I grow, my practice evolves. I am more than a reflexologist. I am more than a reiki practitioner and aromatherapist. I don’t just provide services, there’s meaning behind what I do.

I am here at service, to support, encourage and teach. I am unconditional love and compassion. I am here to help you relax, align and balance.